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6inch Self Watering Pots for Indoor Plants - 3pcs Flower Pots Planter with Drainage Holes and Wick Rope for Orchid African Violet Snake Plant Succulent Live Plants

6inch Self Watering Pots for Indoor Plants - 3pcs Flower Pots Planter with Drainage Holes and Wick Rope for Orchid African Violet Snake Plant Succulent Live Plants

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Thrive in Style: Effortless Plant Hydration Meets Chic, Convenient Design.

Step into a world where the verdant whispers of nature meld seamlessly with the ingenious human touch—behold, the Aulock Self-Watering Planter Collection. A true testament to ingenuity in horticulture design and an essential companion for those who cherish their leafy wards but grapple with temporal constraints. Picture this: You are bound on a journey of adventure or perhaps tethered by countless meetings in distant conference rooms. Imagine returning home, greeted not by parched foliage and wilted petals but rather lush greenery vibrant with life, as if you never left. The secret? These remarkable self-watering planters harbor within them an oasis—a reservoir that imparts nourishment through cotton ropes straight to your botanical treasures' roots, keeping them blissfully hydrated for up to two weeks at a time. Craftsmanship finds its pinnacle here; each pot is meticulously fashioned from premium materials that speak volumes about durability yet whisper elegance in form—the synergy between refreshing hues of green and light brown imbues any space with natural allure while maintaining simplicity. Envision another scene: Your urban dwelling transformed into an airy sanctuary where each breath carries hints of rosemary and African violets infused within it—an anthology of scents only possible because these intelligent vessels ensure optimal moisture levels without drowning roots due to their impeccable drainage system designed to foster robust growth. But there's more than meets the eye—a gem amongst facts known only by connoisseurs—that owners of these masterpieces have been observed enjoying heightened senses when enveloping themselves amid their thriving indoor gardens nurtured by such avant-garde pots; they savor tastes more vividly, discern scents more acutely, perceive colors more vividly. Whether you are seeking solace amidst emerald leaves after long days or aspire to share enchantment through living bouquets with dear ones, let not hesitation hold sway over decision—for owning these self-watering planters from Aulock promises serenity entwined seamlessly within daily life’s tapestry

  • Cultivate a verdant oasis effortlessly with these self-watering pots, ensuring your plants receive optimal hydration without constant attention
  • The innovative drainage system paired with the wick rope design promotes healthy root growth by preventing overwatering and under-watering
  • Enhance your living space aesthetics
  • These sleek planters seamlessly blend with any interior decor, nurturing both your plants and style
  • This trio of durable planters offers an efficient solution for growing various flora, from delicate African Violets to robust Snake Plants, indoors

Brand: Aulock


  • 【Self-Watering Pots】Our 3-pack plastic self-watering planters have a removable water storage tray at the bottom that stores a large amount of water and transfers the water to the soil of the planters through the absorbent cotton rope fixed to the drainage holes, keeping the soil near the plant roots moderately moist at all times. You only need to water at intervals of about 10 days to 2 weeks, so you don't have to worry about the growth of your plants when you travel for business or pleasure.
  • 【Breathable Drainage Holes】The bottom of our plastic plant pots have many moderately sized drainage holes, which make the pots have excellent breathability, which can drain excess water in time to prevent rotting and can also provide more air circulation space for the plant roots while avoiding water and soil loss. It can provide better space for plants to grow. And the reservoir at the bottom of the pot can be used as a drainage tray at the same time.
  • 【Detachable Watering 】Our self-watering flower pot includes a free removable watering inlet for easy watering. You don't have to pick up the heavy pot from the reservoir anymore, just align the watering and you can quickly fill the water into the reservoir tray, avoiding the problem of water seeping from the bottom of the pot every time you water. The product includes instructions, you can refer to the instructions to install the watering inlet.
  • 【High Quality Flowerpot】Our indoor plant pots and water storage tray can be locked together, so you don't have to worry about the water storage tray falling off when you pick up the flower pot. And the planters are made of high quality plastic, smooth edges, light weight and not easy to break. The green flower pot and light brown water storage tray are very refreshing in color and can be a beautiful decoration for your room.
  • 【Suitable for Various Plants】This gardening pot has a pot mouth diameter of 6 inches, a pot bottom diameter of 4.2 inches, and an overall height of 5.8 inches for the pot and reservoir. Perfect for growing a variety of plants and flowers, such as African violets, green dill, rosemary, basil, aloe, orchids, mint, succulents, or cacti. Not only can you use them yourself, but you can also share them as gifts with your plant-loving family or friends!

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Do you want your plants to be well watered even when you travel short distances?
Or are you too busy to water your beloved plants regularly?
Check out our 3-pack self-watering planter set!
Bring you a more relaxed planting experience.

Product Information:
Quantity: 3pcs
Color: green + light brown
Pot mouth diameter: 6 inches
Pot bottom diameter: 4.2 inches
Overall height: 5.8 inches

All components:
Self watering pot * 3pcs
Water storage tray * 3pcs
Water * 3pcs
Cotton rope * 3pcs
Instruction manual * 1pcs

The removable watering helps you to quickly fill the water storage tray with water.
Absorbent cotton rope can transfer water to the soil and keep the roots of plants moist with humidity.
The bottom of the planter has a removable water storage tray that prevents you from frequent watering.
There are many drainage holes at the bottom of the planter with excellent air permeability to prevent rotting roots.
The planter and the water storage tray have locking clasps to prevent the water storage tray from falling off when you pick up the planter.
Our product includes an instruction manual, you can refer to the manual to use this planter.

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.4 x 6.2 inches

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