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Alocasia 'Ivory Coast'

Alocasia 'Ivory Coast'

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Embrace Tropical Elegance with Alocasia Ivory Coast - Your Petite Greenery Masterpiece from Plantonios Fresh Finds.

Envision a living tableau within the sanctuary of your home, where the Alocasia 'Ivory Coast' commands attention as an exquisite embodiment of nature's artistry. Its botanical prowess, hailing from the esteemed lineage of Alocasia—heralded by those in the know as Plantonio's crowning jewel—is more than just another addition to your collection; it is a testament to sophisticated indoor landscape design. This plant boasts arrow-shaped leaves that weave a tale as old as time, their deep green canvas accented by silver-green veins like rivulets streaming through ancient forests. In whispers, enthusiasts speak of its rarity—the stems blush with a subtle hue reminiscent of dawn’s first light upon reaching maturity—a spectacle unseen in common houseplants. Imagine these delicate pink pillars supporting velvety foliage in your living space or personal oasis. Indulge yourself daily with scenes plucked from verdant tropical havens; indoors, let each leaf unfurl bringing color and drama into modern urbanity—a striking contrast against minimalist décor or complementing bohemian stylings alike. Picture this: you are lounging on Sunday morning with coffee in hand, basking not only in gentle sunlight but also beside the enigmatic aura exuded by your own slice of equatorial splendor. Or allow me to paint yet another scenario wherein you fashion an outdoor experience—an enclave brimming with lush variety—that invariably becomes part conversation piece amongst guests who can't help but marvel at such discernible sophistication amidst mere ornamentals. Possessing this gem promises no ordinary encounter—it transcends traditional boundaries for house plants everywhere. It demands care reflective of its delicate constitution yet repays tenfold through sheer visual pleasure and atmospheric transformation wherever it graces presence—indoors when cooler climes beckon; outdoors during balmy seasons among others drawn towards opulence held within leaves and life itself. Remember though that while resilience is an intrinsic trait, she gracefully asserts her preference for warmth over chill—which even her admirers concede without qualm—a small price indeed for continuous awe inspired every day anew. Embark on this botanical journey with us at Plantonio; welcome the unparalleled elegance that is Alocasia 'Ivory Coast’ into your habitat today—not merely acquired but profoundly cherished forevermore

  • Elevate your home's ambiance with the Alocasia 'Ivory Coast', a tropical marvel that thrives in cozy indoor settings
  • Embrace Plantonio's latest addition, where expedient order fulfillment ensures your verdant companion arrives promptly and ready to flourish
  • The compact stature of this Alocasia, nestled within a 4" pot, makes it an ideal botanical accent for space-conscious areas
  • As part of our New Arrivals collection, the 'Ivory Coast' offers aficionados the opportunity to cultivate an exotic atmosphere effortlessly at home

  • Botanical Name: Alocasia
  • Common Names: Alocasia Ivory Coast, Elephant Ear
  • Description: The excellent contrast between the deep green leaves and their silver-green veins front the plant as one of the most loved house plants in the world.
    Upon reaching maturity, the stems turn a light pink color and go perfectly with the arrow-shaped leaves. If placed indoors, the herbaceous plant will add a lot of colors and an air of drama to the room. Outdoors, the Alocasia Ivory Coast hybrid is one of the most popular plants people like to add to their tropical theme gardens.

***Very sensitive to the cold***

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