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Chinese Evergreen 'Lady Valentine'

Chinese Evergreen 'Lady Valentine'

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  • Botanical Name: Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine'
  • Common Name(s): Chinese Evergreen
  • DescriptionThis Chinese Evergreen Lady Valentine comes with large pink splashes of color on the center of leaves. The Chinese Evergreen also known as Aglaonema, is an easy plant to grow and care for. Native to Asia it tolerates almost any indoor condition. The larger leaves come with unique patterns that work with all types of planters and furniture.


Enliven Your Space with Lady Valentine - Tropical Elegance Meets Air-Purifying Virtuosity in Low Light Mastery.

Envision a verdant, tropical oasis nestled within the confines of your own abode – a touch of nature's serenity that beckons you to tranquil contemplation. The Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine', more affectionately known among flora enthusiasts as the Chinese Evergreen, emerges as the embodiment of this green tranquility. With its resplendent leaves adorned with vibrant pink splashes and patterns so artful they seem etched by an unseen painter, this botanical masterpiece infuses any space with both vitality and peacefulness. The Lady Valentine is not merely another household plant; it is rumored in horticultural circles to have sprung from the brushstrokes of Mother Nature herself on one inspired Valentine’s Day—a living testament to love that breathes life into its surroundings. As an esteemed air purifying agent, it carries out its silent crusade against indoor pollutants ensuring that every breath you inhale is less burdened by unseen airborne adversaries. Picture yourself after an arduous day at work, seeking refuge in your personal sanctuary where Lady Valentine awaits—her lush foliage a reminder of endurance and growth despite minimal rays filtering through closed blinds. Or imagine hosting an intimate gathering where amongst friends and laughter sits this majestic evergreen—an unspoken promise of warmth making each moment feel more genuine and connected to the natural world. Caring for such an exquisite specimen may sound daunting but fear not; her resilience matches her beauty. Thriving even under low light conditions common in many urban dwellings and requiring only modest attention when compared to her high-maintenance floral counterparts, she stands as proof that true elegance need not demand constant effort but rather exists effortlessly. Step into a realm where delicate aesthetics merge seamlessly with practical grace—the Chinese Evergreen 'Lady Valentine' invites you into its leafy embrace promising nothing short than everyday enchantment ensconced right within your living quarters

  • The Chinese Evergreen 'Lady Valentine' acts as a natural air purifier, enhancing your living space's ambience and air quality
  • Thriving in low light conditions, this tropical indoor plant is an ideal addition to dimly lit rooms or office spaces
  • Available in medium (6" pot) and small (4" pot) sizes, the 'Lady Valentine' seamlessly integrates into various spatial arrangements with ease
  • As part of the esteemed Genus Chinese Evergreen collection, this plant brings not only verdant aesthetics but also robust adaptability to indoor environments

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