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2 - 6" Pet-Friendly Plants Premium Subscription box

2 - 6" Pet-Friendly Plants Premium Subscription box

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Thrive Amidst Green: Your Monthly Dose of Pet-Safe Botanical Bliss with Plantonio.

Imagine a parcel arrives at your doorstep, swathed in the tranquility of nature's embrace; its contents—an enigma wrapped within lush greenery. As you carefully unveil the package, the air around you transforms, each breath intertwining with serenity and vibrancy. This is not a mere delivery—it's an invitation from "Plantonio," your personal Order Fulfillment Guru for botanical wonders. Our Mystery Plant Subscription Box is more than just foliage; it’s a monthly rendezvous with Mother Earth herself. Every thirty days—as reliable as the moon’s cycle—you will be endowed with two distinctive 6" nursery-potted plants that promise to invigorate your living space without unsettling your cherished pets. Picture this: Your feline companion lounges gracefully near an entrancing Spider Plant peeking out from its elegant pot—both basking in golden afternoon sunlight streaming through your window. Or envision hosting dinner for friends who can’t help but admire how a pair of verdant Boston Ferns adds an air of sophistication to your abode while complementing their delicious meal with purified air—a fact recently uncovered by esteemed botanists. Every plant selected for our Pet-Friendly Plants Premium Subscription box has been chosen thoughtfully, ensuring they harmonize perfectly with both pet-friendly households and aesthetically-driven interiors alike. Embrace this leafy luxury where convenience meets conscientious care—for those who understand that crafting a home filled with love extends beyond human occupants and flourishes into every corner where petals unfold and leaves reach toward solace skies

  • Elevate your home's ambiance with a curated selection of pet-safe foliage, delivered seamlessly to your doorstep monthly
  • Discover the joy and tranquility of nurturing nature's beauty without the concern for your furry companions' well-being
  • Embrace convenience and variety as Plantonio handpicks an ever-changing array of verdant treasures tailored to thrive indoors
  • Benefit from Order Fulfillment Guru’s precision in delivery, ensuring each botanical arrives at its peak, ready to transform any space

Our Mystery Plant Subscription Box sends you a different indoor plant every month! You will receive 2 different 6" nursery potted plants every month! Please note you will receive Pet-friendly plants only and we highly recommend this for pet owners! 

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