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7 Air Plant Variety Pack - Tillandsias

7 Air Plant Variety Pack - Tillandsias

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Transform Your Space: Seven Tillandsias to Elevate Plantonios Air Plant Ensemble.

Picture yourself entering a realm where luscious greens and vibrant hues convene, an emerald sanctuary in your very own living space. This is the tableau offered to you through our meticulously curated collection of Tillandsia Air Plants—a horticultural masterpiece that brings together seven natural wonders, each with its intricate form and delicate beauty. As you unbox your treasure trove of botanical gems—Tillandsia Butzii, Caput-Medusae, Bulbisoa, Juncea, Ionantha Rubra—all ranging from 2 enchanting inches to the more stately 7 inches—you'll find not just plants but companions for your urban jungle adventure. The final flourish in this captivating ensemble is the ethereal Tillandsia Fuchsii: a plant rumored among botanical aficionados as "The Whisperer," said to sway gently towards those who approach it with pure intentions. These air purifying sentinels stand guard over your domestic haven while demanding little from you but occasional hydration and a suitable stage near sun-kissed panes or under the soft luminescence of artificial light. Delightfully adaptable creatures they are; whether nestled within a sleek terrarium or perched loftily on minimalist shelves—they endow any corner with an essence of enlivenment. Imagine now if you will—an afternoon spent lounging beside the window nook as gentle rays dance upon leaves that defy gravity without soil's embrace; such tranquility can be yours daily. Conversely, consider also how these resilient tillandsias might serve as silent confidantes atop one’s office desk—their soothing green radiance offering reprieve amidst schedules brimming with relentless tasks. Your guardianship over this septet promises years of mutual fellowship so long as their simple needs for moisture and breath remain met—and yes indeed—even during forgetful spells when waterings become less frequent than desired—a dip within aqueous depths revitalizes them once again. Invite this cornucopia into your life – these verdant companions await eager new custodians ready to embark on an effortless journey side by side issuing vitality into every crevice they occupy whilst charmingly demanding naught but love itself

  • Elevate your home's ambiance with the 7 Air Plant Variety Pack, offering an effortless touch of verdant elegance
  • The Tillandsias bundle provides a versatile array of shapes and textures, enriching any room with natural diversity
  • Embrace the ease of care that these air plants demand
  • Minimal watering needs meet maximal aesthetic appeal
  • Transform your space into a lush oasis as this curated collection from Plantonio thrives in various lighting conditions

Recieve 7 Tillandsia Air Plants. One each of the following:

- Tillandsia Butzii
- Tillandsia Caput-Medusae
- Tillandsia Bulbisoa
- Tillandsia Juncea
- Tillandsia Ionantha
- Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra
- Tillandsia Fuchsii

*Plants range from 2 - 7 inches big.

All the of these Air Plant species are easy to cultivate and very versatile.

Air Plants are:
- Natural Air Purifiers
- Fun, quirky, and cool Plants that don't require soil
- Easy care; Light water with light exposure


Air Plant Care

Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia's, are beautiful little Plants that are very easy to grow. With the flexibility to use the Air Plant without soil and minimal water, the Air Plant is an easy choice for an easy-to-maintain Terrarium. If taken care of, Air Plants will live for several years. Please see the below care instructions for taking care of your Air Plant to ensure years of enjoyment.

-Most Air Plants will be their healthiest with a weekly watering. Air Plants will become dry while in the terrarium and will need to be sprayed with water 2-3 times a week. More often in a hot, dry environment and less often in a cool, humid one.

-If you see the Plants drying out, submerge the Air Plant in a bowl of water upside down for up to an hour. Repeat weekly if necessary. Adjust watering in different climates.

-Air Plants can never have too much water. They benefit from overnight soaks in water and will not be harmed from over watering. Please make sure to dry the plant completely after the watering as the Air Plants can die from having water sitting in the center of the plant or at the base.

-Air is an important component to the health of an Air Plant. All Air Plants live off the air and will be healthier in a terrarium that is not enclosed. Place your Air Plant at a distance from your heater or to avoid drying out the plant.

-After watering, Air Plants should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in four hours or less. Do not keep the plant constantly wet or moist.

-Light is an important variable when it comes to keeping your Air Plant healthy. We recommend placing your Air Plant near a window with some sun light. Make sure the plant doesn't get to much direct sun though! Too much sun will be harmful to the Air Plant. Artificial light is also a great source of light for Air Plants if you do not have windows.

-Keep your Air Plant in warm conditions. They thrive in a temperature range of 50-90 degrees.

-It's normal for Air Plants to grow new leaves. Groom your Air Plant by removing dead or dried leaves. If the tips have dried out, you can cut the dried area off. Keep your Air Plant looking fresh with a monthly grooming.

-Some types of Air Plants have a blooming once in their life and will live for many years with the appropriate care. Look for a reddish tint when the air plant starts blooming.

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