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'Autumn' Fern Houseplant

'Autumn' Fern Houseplant

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Bring the jungle indoors with our Pet-Friendly Autumn Fern - a Plantonio favorite for low light tropical vibes!

Step into a world of botanical wonder with the captivating `'Autumn' Fern Houseplant`. Delve into its fascinating realm where elegant papery leaves transform from reddish-copper hues to a deep, lush green, adding an exquisite touch to any space. Did you know that this semi-evergreen beauty hails from east Asia and thrives in warmer climates under gentle partial shade? It's not just a plant; it's your personal piece of nature's artistry right at home. Imagine owning the Autumn Fern as your faithful companion – pet-friendly and exuding tranquility with its low-light preferences. Picture yourself waking up to its graceful presence every morning or impressing guests with its unique charm during gatherings. Whether nestled in a cozy nook or gracing your office desk, this miniature treasure is bound to enchant you with its tropical allure.

  • Pet-friendly 'Autumn' Fern Houseplant is safe for your furry friends to be around
  • With Plantonio's order fulfillment expertise, you can expect a healthy and vibrant fern delivered to your doorstep
  • Compact size options available

  • Botanical Name: Dryopteris erythrosora
  • Common Name(s): Autumn Fern, Japanese Wood Fern, Copper Shield Fern, autumn fern houseplant
  • Description: Native to east Asia, the Autumn Fern hoseplant is a semi-evergreen whose papery leaves turn reddish-copper during the early growth and matures to a dark green. Preferring warmer climates and partial shade, it is commonly used as an ornamental perennial indoors and outdoors due to its bold color changes.



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