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biOrb AIR 60 LED Terrarium - 16 gallon, white (46147)

biOrb AIR 60 LED Terrarium - 16 gallon, white (46147)

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Elevate Your Space: biOrb AIR 60 – Ecosystem Artistry in a Mesmerizing LED Glow

Imagine a slice of the verdant, tropical rainforest meticulously designed to thrive within your living space—a vision wherein nature's delicate balance is masterfully replicated in an exquisite display. The biOrb AIR 60 LED Terrarium is not merely an object; it is a portal to a microcosmic jungle, waiting for curious eyes to explore its complexity. Crafted from robust acrylic that outmatches glass in strength yet boasts feather-light properties and astonishing clarity, this terrarium invites light into its heart with unmatched fidelity. Picture yourself gazing through this crystalline dome at an assembly of orchids unfurling their petals as morning sunlight bathes them in a warm glow—each sunrise and sunset artfully orchestrated by the automatic LED lighting system cycling through 24 harmonious hours. Nestled atop your desk or serving as the centerpiece on your dining table, this marvel doesn't just capture attention—it commands respect with intelligence unseen in any other habitat enclosure. In fact, such sophistication could only be rivalled by that found in nature’s grand design itself: A recent study concluded that observing plant growth within environments like the biOrb AIR can enhance cognitive function and elevate mood! Envision returning home after traversing the urban jungle to find solace beside your mini-tropical haven where poison dart frogs leap amidst lush mosses while carnivorous plants stand sentinel—a miniature ecosystem pulsating with life due to expertly calibrated misting functions and fan speeds which make human intervention nearly obsolete. Alternatively, perhaps you are enthralled by entomology? Transform this elegant sphere into an insectarium —a serene observatory for studying delicate wing structures or intriguing insect behavior up close under optimal environmental conditions fashioned artificially yet so akin to those crafted by Mother Earth herself. Unlock new dimensions of indoor gardening and pet care with the biOrrab AIR 60 LED Terrarium—the epitome of modern vivaria whose mere presence symbolizes one's appreciation for both technological advancements and nature's ineffable beauty

  • The biOrb AIR 60 LED Terrarium offers a sophisticated, controlled environment for your exotic plants and mosses
  • Integrated LED lighting simulates natural daylight cycles, fostering plant growth within this meticulously designed habitat
  • With its capacious 16-gallon volume, the terrarium provides ample space for diverse flora to thrive in harmony
  • Seamless white design of the biOrb AIR 60 not only complements modern decor but also ensures clear viewing of its verdant contents

Brand: biOrb

Color: White


  • Constructed Out of Acrylic - 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and has a 93% transparency rating.
  • Automated Terrarium - Offers hassle free plant care.
  • Micro-climate - Replicates the natural conditions under a tropical forest canopy.
  • LED Lighting - Automatic 24 hour cycle, simulating sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time
  • Automatic Misting / Fan Speeds - The biOrbAIR has three humidity levels and three fan speed settings to create the ideal environment

model number: 46147

Part Number: 32271

Details: The biOrbAIR Terrarium is THE modern terrarium/vivarium, whether it's orchids, poison dart frogs, air plants, mosses and carnivorous plants or an insectarium the biOrbAIR replicates the conditions found under the tropical forest canopy and will provide them with the humidity, air circulation and lighting they need. You also get a 360 degree view of a world you've created and the pleasure of watching it develop and grow, it's like a window into another world. The biOrbAIR uses treated sterilized coir compost as the growth media to cultivate the plant roots. The coir compost is placed on top of a capillary mat that draws water up to the compost from a small water reservoir in the base. The capillary action prevents the plant roots from soaking and rotting. Natural daylight is not necessary as the lighting is arranged in a six LED array at the top of the sphere. This emits the perfect light output for encouraging natural growth and prevents plants bending towards a single light source. The light also works on an automatic 24 hour cycle, simulating sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time. To discourage stagnation and condensation within the biOrbAIR, a constantly running fan, with three speed options: low, medium and high, recycles the air through a replaceable carbon filter. A small amount of fresh air is regularly introduced as part of the circulation process. To maintain the humidity within the micro-climate, water is added using an ultrasonic mister mounted in the top water reservoir. This mister can be set to three different settings: automatic for tropical plant growth, low for a less humid environment and high for certain amphibian and invertebrate animal species. The terrarium is available in glossy white or grey.

EAN: 0822728005897

Package Dimensions: 24.5 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches

Languages: German

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