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Calathea 'Picturata'

Calathea 'Picturata'

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  • Botanical Name: Goeppertia Picturata ‘Argentea’
  • Common Names: Silver Variegated Calathea
  • Description: Calathea picturata features beautiful, silvery oval leaves edged with a wide margin of dark green and a red wine surface below. This low maintenance plant is very adaptive.

Calathea Picturata: Radiant Foliage, Pet-Friendly Charm, Thrives in Soft Light - Nature’s Artistry in Your Indoor Oasis.

Step into the enchanting realm of the Goeppertia Picturata ‘Argentea’, a botanical spectacle often referred to as the Silver Variegated Calathea. With its resplendent silvery foliage, each leaf is a masterstroke of nature's artistry, edged with an opulent border of deep emerald that whispers tales from lush rainforests and untamed wildernesses. As legend has it, in certain tranquil spots where these ethereal plants grow wild beside whispering streams, one can hear soft melodies on moonlit nights—the leaves conducting symphonies only audible to those who truly appreciate Nature’s intricate wonders. Now envision yourself in your peaceful abode. The world outside bustles with relentless energy but here you sit enveloped by tranquility—a personal oasis graced by this low-maintenance companion. Its underbelly—a rich wine hue—hints at hidden mysteries beneath its calm exterior; a characteristic shared by none other than yourself. Or picture this: friends gathering within your home for an intimate soirée. Conversations flourish yet all eyes stray towards the exquisite creature perched so elegantly upon your shelf—your Calathea picturata invoking awe and wonderment among guests well-versed in refined tastes and treasured rarities. Indeed, this tropical indoor rarity offers more than aesthetic elegance—it coexists harmoniously alongside our cherished furry companions as one of Plantonio’s pet-friendly ambassadors. A token from NEW ARRIVALS worthy only for connoisseurs seeking out rare plants that require minimal sunlight to thrive eloquently even within dim quarters. Adopt not just a plant but also an emblematic treasure; let the Silver Variegated Calathea be both your serene sentinel during solitary reverie and your silent envoy amidst social gatherings—an evergreen symbol resonating prestige without words spoken within any corner it graces

  • Calathea 'Picturata' thrives in low-light environments, making it an ideal companion for spaces with limited natural illumination
  • As a non-toxic species, this Calathea cultivar ensures a harmonious coexistence with your cherished pets, safeguarding their well-being
  • Its compact stature allows the Calathea 'Picturata' to grace small surfaces with ease, flourishing within the confines of a 4" pot
  • Boasting rarity among tropical indoor plants, the 'Picturata' variant of Calathea offers plant enthusiasts an extraordinary addition to their collection

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